Spelling Lists

Lists and dates are subject to change. Make sure you check your student’s take home folder for the list each week. 

Jan. 10


chick, chin, chimp, chat, such, march, rich, lunch, friend, every

Jan. 18


ship, shark, shop, shed, crash, mash, rash, hush, favorite, talk

Jan. 24


that, think, them, tooth, with, bath, thing, three, already, been

Feb. 7


what, why, where, which, whisk, when, wheel, whale, should, only

Feb. 14


photo, graph, phone, trophy, elephant, phrase, phony, out, any, school

Feb. 28

-ed, -ing

clapping, running, getting, sitting, planned, tagged, trapped, shipped, which, because

March 7

g, j

game, just, page, huge, jacket, going, gym, gold, animal, many

March 14

c, k, ck

duck, check, track, back, music, comic, leak, cheek, always, there

March 21

s, c

six, ask, ice, price, slice, city, face, fence, great, other

March 28

ng, nk, nd

bank, sink, blink, band, lend, stand, sang, lungs, watch, answer

April 4

oo words

book, took, good, crook, tool, pool, loops, fool, another, buy

April 11

ow, ou

power, shower, brown, cows, mouth, about, house, couch, today, almost

April 25

ar, or

car, are, hard, start, fork, cord, more, store, bought, you’re

May 2

er, ir, ur

bird, after, player, over, hurt, burn, girl, camper, anyone, above

May 9

aw, au

yawn, draw, awful, straw, pause, haul, fault, August, enough, love

May 16

oy, oi

boy, enjoy, annoy, toy, join, coin, oil, foil, their, support

May 23

Silent Consonants

write, wrist, knew, knock, sign, thumb, lamb, wrong, through, don’t

May 30


bubble, simple, middle, marble, angle, apple, puzzle, maple, against, world

June 6

ff, ll, ss, zz

fluff, cuff, sniff, smell, chill, grass, chess, jazz, could, thought